.. where Ikea is checking out Konuvere bridge

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! it’s gr8 big snow outside!! but i can’t go outside, because there is snow everywhere and also, very cold!!

But it seems that i have not posted the fotograf from my last trip with my friend Piia. In fact, we went to Konuvere. It’s a small place little bit of South-West of Tallinn. The gr8 thing about Konuvere is the bridge. It is quite old, about 150 years. In fact, when it was built, probably it was the longest such bridge in the World!! – my friend Lotte told me. So it is quite old and quite long. And it is renovated. Renovated is when u take a really old bridge and make it look like it was new. So it does not look like old, but it is! It says so on the little sign. I can also tell it is old. Because nobody uses it any more. For exempel there is another bridge for cars just next to it, hehe! Funny, don’t u think? Oh, and we went geocaching, too! So here comes the fotograf. Thanks to my friend, Piia. Have u been travelling to any old bridges recently? Let me know!! Have fun and cu l8r!

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