.. where Ikea introduces: Snails!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Guess what? I now have a new singnature item!! and it is not a giraffe, it’s SNAILs!

(well, that last one is not a snail, it is a mini geocoin with a cow on it, very nice!) normally, i would have taken giraffes as a singnature item, u know, but giraffes are really not so easy to find! especially here, in Estland. in fact, there is rarely ANY giraffes here at all (besides me) and even then, most of them live with us, in Kadriorg! which basically means that they don’t really have small giraffe figures available, i’m afraid. so, instead, my new signature items are SNAILs!

Signature items is something u put in every (most) caches that u find, when u go geocaching. me and my friends, we go geocaching quite often in fact, so it is great to have a signature item. that way everyone can see that u have been there. although, someone else can take it with them as well. so it really gets a bit complicated for a giraffe, like me. but it is good to have one. and i have SNAILs!

i know some fellow Estonian geocachers have LADYBUGs. they are really nice. but snails are quite fun too. i have some snail pals on twitter, so i know they are fun. although the signature items are just snail figures. they are not real snails, like the ones on twitter. this week in fact we have a plan to go geocaching with Undu. so we can test out these fun snails, jei! so i guess i’d better go packing right away. until then, let me know if u have a signature item and what it is! have fun and cu l8r!

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