.. where Ikea gets stuck in snow.. in April!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!


i guess u are wondering where I have been during the Easter? let me tell u – i got stuck in the snow!!

yes, that’s right. we got a very nice bunch of snow! in April! i can tell u, that it is not very common here in Estland to get snow in April. Especially here in the Kadriorg area. It’s because of the Sea – which is warm, my friend Lotte says. In fact, almost all snow had melted in last couple of weeks. So, over weekend a large bunch of snow came out of nowhere!! so i went to check it out and got stuck!! well, i wasn’t stuck for all weekend of course because my friend Tik (the Moon Rabbit) found me really fast and came to rescue. But of course, then we had to go and visit some of his Moon friends and help to find the chocolate eggs. I found one with the rabbit ears, hehe! so, in fact, i will go and check if there’s any more snow left, i can do last sledging of the year! maybe.. until then, let me know what kind of fun did u have over easter? have fun and cu l8r!

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