.. where Ikea gets Jette a Giraffe cake

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

best news ever! my friend Jette Marii had 1 years birthday, jei! Therefore me and my friends Heidi (and Marju  maybe?) at kondiiter.ee made a gr8 fun giraffe cake for her!! It looks (looked – sorry, Teddies ate the last bits in no time when we were not looking..) very nice, don’t you think? and it tasted even better in fact! Don’t worry, it was not real giraffe, only cake. I think it was like a cheesecake, but better, with marzipan (!!) and also berries – my favorites! I can secretly tell u that i am still enjoying the taste right now!

It seems to me a really really good idea to have a birthday right at the start of the new year. So that new year starts with cake, for example! In fact, i need to go now and see if who’s birthday is coming next, hehe! Do you have a birthday coming, for example? Let me know!? Have fun and cu l8r!!

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