.. where Ikea finds metal mushrooms in Tartu :-O

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
guess what, last week i went to play a little bit of geocaching in Tartu! As u know, geocaching is lots of fun and takes you to lots of fun places. this time it took me to near a theater called Vanemuine. I have never been to a theater, so i don’t know much about it other than it is really old. in fact, it is so old that it has mushrooms out of metal growing out of the hill!! yes, look:

everybody knows metal mushrooms take AGES to grow, so this theater really has to be old.. and, u know the most funny thing – it started raining about 3 minutes after taking this fotograf! so, clear skies are not so gr8 at telling u whether it is going to rain or not, i’m afraid! so i did not have time to take too many more, although i wanted to take a closer look of this guy, also made of metal. he must be really really old too, i guess. i wonder what is he telling these mushrooms..? please let me know if u have any information about that, in the comments! tack!

i can secretly tell u that i found the cache, hehe ;) so, if u are in the area, check it out too! have fun and cu l8r!