.. where Ikea gets Shaun (Timmy) the Sheep Christmas Sock (shoe)

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! a gr8 fun thing happened! in fact, when i was shopping with my friend Sipsik, we found THESE!!

as u can see, we bought them. this is for several reasons:
1) they are most fun to walk with, even my friend Leenu says they are nice and fun
2) they are quite warm, especially when walking on the stone floor or outside, like for example balcony
3) they have the shape of my friend Shaun the Sheep. As we found out, they actually have the shape of Shaun’s friend Timmy, but he is even more fun in fact, jei!
4) other things

like for example, at first, we bought them to my friend Undu to go sheeping. they go very well with his sheep costume. but then again, no-one, even the sheep would believe that he is sheep with his sheep-shoes on, so maybe it doesn’t work really well? so instead, i thought of something else i could use them. Although, as u can see, Undu is very much into these sheep-shoes too:

so, this other thing that these shoes are really really good is for Christmas! in fact, these shoes can very well replace the Christmas sock that i have, which has served me quite well. But the bad news is that i don’t have any place to hang this Christmas sock from. So, instead, i could really use this Christmas Shoe (Sheep) instead:

as u can see, i have put the Christmas sock inside it. apparently, this was for testing purposes only and actually u don’t need that. The shoe is quite enough!! Like for example, Santa’s little helpers bought me my favorite oatmeal cookies inside the Sheep-shoe and no sock was present. So it seems to work alright!! gr8 news in fact!
so, as a matter of fact, i need to go and set it up for tomorrow. Until then, let me know if u have set up your Christmas Sock (Shoe) and if so, what have you already got from Santa? let me know in comments!! Have fun and cu l8r!!