.. where Ikea finds a dinosaur in Tartu

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess where I was last weekend!? in Haanja, watching Haanja 100 running event Jala100, which is 100 kilometers of running/walking as fast as u can. this is a lot of kilometers, even in giraffe terms!! unluckily, i could not take any fotografs as the battery went a bit dead. well, nothing serious, just empty, apparently.

so, let me introduce you my new friend – a dinosaur from Tartu:

He is made out of wood, so he does not talk. but you can sit on him, hehe! he’s really nice and his name is Bota. Yes, it is a fotograf from few weeks ago when i met him in his neighborhood. but i can’t tell u exactly where it is. it’s for two reasons: 1. it is a secret! and 2. when too many people come to his area, he may soon be extinct. Extinct means that there will be no dinosaurs. and that would really be a shame!!

so, i gotta go and load the battery now, but here’s a question of the week for u: have u ever run 100km race or seen a dinosaur? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!