.. where Ikea goes to Prangli

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
guess what!? i got to do some travelling last week! to an island. it’s not Madagascar, i’m afraid, but it is Prangli. It is a small island just a little bit North from Kadriorg. You have to take a boat! so we did!

as u can see, it was called Vesta. it’s really nice boat, but we, giraffes, are not so fond of boats. especially small one like these, because it takes a lot of time to arrive. luckily, we had little bags of snack with us!

but, finally we arrive at this very nice small island, jei! but there were some really fun houses. for exempel, they had grass growing on the roofs!!

and even then, nobody lived inside the houses. apparently, they were for tourists, and giraffes. like me!

But there were also other things on the island besides houses and trees. for example, there were also stones. This is the biggest one that i could find: the red stone!

it’s not too red, it’s more like pink, but it also has stuff growing on it, so it is quite hard to tell exactly. the good thing about this stone is that there is also a geocache nearby, hehe! and we discovered the cache and logged. good fun, if u ask me!
other things that are on the island and are red and are not stones, trees or houses are mushrooms! we, giraffes are not very much fond of mushrooms. but i like the name “mushroom”. somehow the other part of the word is room, but it has nothing to do with rooms, i’m afraid, because they mostly grow outside. for exampel this beautiful red mushroom called “fly agaric“:

as my smart friend Lotte explained, these red mushrooms also grow elsewhere, not only on Prangli. Just like the houses, trees and stones, apparently – but not necessarily in the same place. including the sea!
so, highly recommended by Ikea to take a trip to this Prangli island if u are in the area. But what about you? Have u been to any islands recently? le me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea builds a stone castle

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

for a start, i have a little question for u -why do you think is Estland called ‘Estonia’ in English? this, for a giraffe, is a gr8 mystery. but i have one idea – because they have a lot of stones!!

so, instead of all these great stones going to waste, i decided to build an eSTONEan castle, so to speak, hehe! and there is no better place to build a castle than Saaremaa, it seems to me. because, u know, Saaremaa is quite flat. like Holland for example. so, it is good to build a stone castle there – because you can see it from very long ways away. or, u know, when it is ready, amd you climb the tallest tower – and you are giraffe with a long neck – then you can see quite far too u know! in fact, i saw two rainclouds coming REALLY far away. because they only arrived in the evening. so, they must have been far. OR they took a really long detour…
but, before that, i had to actually build the towers. so, here’s me building:

so, this is going to be one of the small towers. u can see lots of towers in the background – i guess everyone wants to build a stone castle these days! but they only managed a tower or two, not more i’m afraid..

so, here’s me building some more. this is going to be a stone wall with a hole-y stone on top of it. quite fun stone, actually, hehe!

and here, something interrupting the building of the stone wall – woohoo! it’s a shadow!!
i have to tell u that giraffes are not very fast stone-wall builders. quite slow actually. but with all these fun shadows everywhere… it takes almost three times as much time!! i could say that building a stone wall with gr8 shadows like this one takes many more times the time it takes to play all levels of the giraffe apple-eating game. that’s quite a lot!

but, after all this great fun building, it’s ready! please, come look a little closer!

see, this is the courtyard. please, do come in.

no need to take off shoes, there are still stones everywhere! and mind your head! especially, if you are a giraffe! it’s because of the gate that i built here. u know, i wanted to build a gate with closed top because that way u can walk around the stone wall without ever needing to come off. so, it’s a bit like a carousel really. except that u need to walk or run yourself. i must say i ran three laps and my head got all dizzy. it’s probably because of my long neck, u know..

also, it is very well known fact that stone castles are REALLY good for playing hide-and-seek. here’s me showing the gr8 hide-and-seek potential of the stone castle. see if you can find me, hehe!

so, this is pretty much it, really. gr8 fun! ooh, almost forgot – finally this is where you need to climb in order to enjoy the view. it’s nice! have u built a stone castle this year? if not, let me know, we can go and build a couple more before the winter comes. not so much fun building a stone castle in the winter i’m afraid. much nicer to stay inside and play yatzy!
or read a book! because, u know, a really nice book came out, which has almost more than 1 MILLION giraffes inside!! it’s quite a big mystery in fact, how did they get there? but it sounds really good. u can check out this book over here! ps. if you have the book and u found me, Ikea – let me know!!!! until then,have fun and cu l8r!