.. where Ikea is stuck again!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

unfortunately i can’t update the blog right now with new fun things that i have been doing because i am stuck! it’s a bit of a sticky situation i’m afraid.. so, in fact i don’t know how long i may need to stay here. the good news is that i can play Angry Birds and watch the ‘lympics from here, hehe. So, i will try to get out of here soon. And if u see my friend Sipsik then please let her know that i’m here and i’m OK, but perhaps she can help me out..! until then, have fun and cu l8r!

spot the giraffe (game)

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

it seems to me that with all this autumn here, the life of giraffes (like me) has suddenly been getting really busy. and i can’t tell you right now what it is that i am doing, because it is a secret!

however, like i said last time, i have set up a little game in facebook that is called “spot the giraffe“! and right now it is me, Ikea! here’s the latest fotograf:

and here’s the link for playing: http://on.fb.me/cjbSGl !! well, i guess it is not the latest _fotograf_, but it is the latest from the ones that are uploaded in the game, u know. i had totally forgotten that i even have this fotograf. but it’s a giraffe thing, i’m afraid. but i gotta run now, so have fun playing and cu l8er!