.. where Ikea meets French Cuisine

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

since i was in Paris just few weeks ago and i have heard that some of my friends are also going, i thought i give you some idea of french cuisine for tourist giraffes.

first of all, right out of hostel in the morning there is nothing better than a nice bottle of milk.

then, after a little bit of walking i usually get hungrig. so it is good time to take a crepe au chocolat.

because of springtime, the smell of cherry trees keeps you going. or, occasionally you can eat them.

for lunch, usually it is good to take some magic strawberries. that’s regular strawberries with some creme fraiche.

and the of course for the evening – a good dinner. for example we visited a restaurant that my friend Ardi opened just about two weeks before. it’s called Le Comptoir des Petits Champs. they have really good broccoli there.

as u can see, that’s what i was getting. the meat (and the wine too actually) is for my friend sipsik, she is a big meat-eater. and of course you cannot do without a lot of ice-cream!!! well, i have to tell u that the post about ice-cream is not yet ready.. but since ice-cream is so important part of Paris, i must write a separate post about it. so stay tuned! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes to see the Giraffel Tower

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

as u can see, i was in Paris. so, i had to check out this big tower that i had seen from Montmartre. and, let me tell you – this tower is long like a giraffe’s neck! so i started to like this tower immediately. also, it seems like this guy who built this tower has a name which sounds like “giraffel”. so – as much as i understand French – that’s how they call it: the Giraffel Tower.

so, if you like it or not, i had to take some fotografs of this giant giraffe-looking thing. for example, here i am actually watching the Paris marathon runners go by, which i told u about earlier. (there is another fotograf taken on the same bridge, let’s see if u know which one!) as i understand, this is a really famous bridge for fotografing yourself with the tower, so i have now done that, hehe!

apparently, u can actually go up to the top of the tower normally. but for some reason, that day giraffes were allowed only to the second floor. i think it was either because of the clouds or something or because the elevator was not working. so, the nice fotos from the top will be left for the next time, i’m afraid. instead, i went to this nice park on the other side to taste some grass as i was getting a little hungrig.

however, with a little help of mystery and magic tricks, i was able to get to the first floor of this fun tower without any elevators. as u can see here, this tower IS REALLY long!!

it is quite mysterious this fotograf, don’t you think? how it is done? so this is quite similar to the question that i asked last week :) u can leave your answer in comments here, or you can comment on facebook.

and since nobody really guessed the mystery question correct last time, here’s another clue. but also another guestion – can u find the giraffe on this fotograf? let me know! have fun and c u l8r!

.. where Ikea goes to Montmartre

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

as i promised, here’s my first day in Paris. well, it’s not like the whole day, but more like a morning when i climbed up the hill to see a big white church. i’m not a big fan of churches myself, but i have a little fotograf at home taken from the same place with a giraffe on it. so, i wanted to see where this giraffe is. but  then of course, i took some other pictures too.

for example, here you can see me and the church. and people. first i tried to see if i could scare everybody away. but it seems to me that giraffes are not so scary, i’m afraid. so, i guess you can see me, people and some of the church then. but if you have really good eyes, you can see even more things, hehe!

then, after many hours of tourist fotografs and little geocaching (yep!) i carefully investigated the surrondings. as you can see, there is a really mysterious bird on this fotograf. so i tried to talk this bird into searchig for giraffes with me, but no luck there.

another good thing about this place Montmartre is that is up on a hill. so, you can use these funny instruments to observe a lot of Paris. and as much as i know, you should be able to spot any running giraffe with these because 1. giraffes are tall 2. with these binoculars u can see very far. for example, i saw the Montparnasse tower by where the Pari-Roller friday night skate starts. oh, did i not tell you about it last time? wohoo, u can see me attending the FNS on this little video here. well, i did not actually skate myself, i was just riding along, so to speak :)

unfortunately, i did not spot any giraffes. so instead, i bought a little train! i like trains a lot, as u know. of course, Angel has now totally owned it and has made it in parts so that he could spell ANGEL instead of IKEA. i can secretly tell you that it won’t work!

so, that’s pretty much all a giraffe, like me, can do for one morning. we’ll exept this other thing i did (we’ll of course besides eating baguette and cherry leaves – they smelled so nice). you can see it from this fotograf below. this will be a mystery for you – how did i do this trick? let me know! have fun and cu l8er!