.. where Ikea goes to see the Giraffel Tower

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

as u can see, i was in Paris. so, i had to check out this big tower that i had seen from Montmartre. and, let me tell you – this tower is long like a giraffe’s neck! so i started to like this tower immediately. also, it seems like this guy who built this tower has a name which sounds like “giraffel”. so – as much as i understand French – that’s how they call it: the Giraffel Tower.

so, if you like it or not, i had to take some fotografs of this giant giraffe-looking thing. for example, here i am actually watching the Paris marathon runners go by, which i told u about earlier. (there is another fotograf taken on the same bridge, let’s see if u know which one!) as i understand, this is a really famous bridge for fotografing yourself with the tower, so i have now done that, hehe!

apparently, u can actually go up to the top of the tower normally. but for some reason, that day giraffes were allowed only to the second floor. i think it was either because of the clouds or something or because the elevator was not working. so, the nice fotos from the top will be left for the next time, i’m afraid. instead, i went to this nice park on the other side to taste some grass as i was getting a little hungrig.

however, with a little help of mystery and magic tricks, i was able to get to the first floor of this fun tower without any elevators. as u can see here, this tower IS REALLY long!!

it is quite mysterious this fotograf, don’t you think? how it is done? so this is quite similar to the question that i asked last week :) u can leave your answer in comments here, or you can comment on facebook.

and since nobody really guessed the mystery question correct last time, here’s another clue. but also another guestion – can u find the giraffe on this fotograf? let me know! have fun and c u l8r!

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