.. where Ikea makes Oatmeal Cookies in 30 seconds!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i made my own Oatmeal Cookies, jei! and guess what is most fun – i made my first ever stop-motion movie from this! because, u know, i guess nobody would like to see 100 fotografs of cookies and me. So instead, i put it all in 30 seconds. and i have to tell u, it looks as fun as it was making it!

apparently also, making these famous oatmeal cookies (my favorites!) is really easy too! maybe you need a little bit more than 30 seconds, hehe.. but if you have all the ingredients ready, like me, it can be quite fast. in fact, i think it took me about 30 minutes. maybe one hour. but i was also making a movie. and i’m a giraffe. so it could be done a bit faster if you are, like for example a baker? my friend Sipsik says it’s possible.. so have fun baking cookies and if u have any questions, let me know in comments! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea finds Fathers Day cookies

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
shh! i will tell u a secret now.. I found cookies! not the Christmas cookies (which are my favorites), but Father’s day cookies! Apparently it was Fathers day last Sunday and somehow these cookies appeared on our bookshelf:

so i sneaked right up to them cookies (i love sneaking a lot!!) to try them out. in fact, i very much concentrated all my efforts on trying them. because, u know, they were really really really good! (i ate 4.. but shh!) as it turns out, they are made out of oatmeal, which is gr8 because oatmeal is definitely one of my favorites. it seems to me these Fathers Day cookies will easily make it to the top 100 of best things to eat.. well, just thinking about it makes me want to go sneaking and trying again.. i guess that’s what i will do.. but please keep quiet because nobody needs to know it was me! until then, have fun and cu l8r!
ps. DEFINITELY DON*T tell the Teddies!!

.. where Ikea bakes for easter

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

looks like it has been easter. in fact, i did not know much about easter before. i guess i have somehow missed it last years.. i was probably playing hide-and-seek with Angel. so, it was a complete surprize for me to find out, it is easter. i even had left my camera home. so no fotografs with bunnies this year, i’m afraid. and, as i found out, it is not so easy get someone to get to take fotografs around easter at all. for some reason, everyone is running around with these eggs! i’m not a big fan of eggs myselft, i have to say. Undu however likes eggs a lot. he was in fact collecting eggs in his pocket and had to ditch the cow. — ooh, i remember now i have not told you about Undu and his pocket at all?! well, i guess it will have to remain as a mystery for now then, hehe!

so, where was i then? a yes, Undu was collecting eggs. actually, because eggs are quite big, he had to wear them in his hood instead. funny. so, finally i managed to do some baking with my friend Sipsik. and then had some really hard time getting some fotografs made. but i managed to get one of each. so, heres some strawberry cake, which is actually very good:

and then, here’s some oatmeal cookies! ooh, these are my favorites for now. oatmeal is actually very good, i sometimes eat just plain oatmeal, i have to say.. but as far as cookies, these are REALLY good! what about you, what did you do around easter? did you have some fun? so, cu l8r!