.. where Ikea assembles a cupboard

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

nice to see u here again! so, thanks for coming by! i was just about to tell everyone how it went after we had got back from Ikea and ended up with a small box of something. apparently, it was a LARGE cupboard!! quite mysterious actually, how it fit in such a small box..

so, as i was saying last time, i was to go and discover how it is to assemble something, like a cupboard for example! it is all good fun, i can tell u! although i have to say that assembling is not something giraffes, like me, are really good at naturally. so, it took me a little bit of time to understand what it was in the box:

so, here’s me reading the manual. not too many fotografs in this manual, i’m afraid. but there are drawings!! so, that’s actually very helpful. especially later on, when i started assembling. also good thing is that there are steps, like 1-2-3 and so on. and not too many words. no words actually at all, i think. but the drawings are great, so that even giraffes can understand!

finally, after reading the manual, it was quite obvious this pile of wood is going to end up a very nice cupboard. so, with all this great information, it was time for some fun assembling!

first of all, as u can see, the screws! (and bunch of other stuff too). i must say that without the manual, there was no way to figure out what goes where. so manuals are great.
and also, let me give u a hint: keep your manual in a safe place when assembling! because when i was not looking, Saab almost ate half a page! luckily it was a page that i had already read.. and i caught him munching before he could eat the rest of it! so it was pretty close call, actually.

also, u know, if you have teddies at home who like to eat stuff, it is good to have something to trade with. moose, for example, are great in situations like these.
so this is about where i was just before the eating incident:

and this is about one, two or maybe three hours later:

i don’t know exactly because i don’t carry a watch u know. i have to tell u that it was already getting a bit dark outside, so maybe it was three hours later. or four even. not more than six hours, that’s for sure. so, it’s almost done, just a one more drawer to fix. almost through with the manual!!

so, there was lots of fun celebration just moments after this fotograf. because the cupboard was all assembled!! so no fotografs from that. but u will see this new place we discovered right afterwards! (it’s the drawers) u know, it seems to me that these are great for hiding! pst, i think Angel thinks it’s only him that knows this. So, next time we’ll be playing hide-and-seek, i think i know where Angel will be hiding, hehe!

i have to say, very much fun things that they have in this shop, Ikea, don’t u think? so, what about you, what’s the most fun thing that u have assembled so far? let me know!! until then, have fun and cu l8r!