Ikea stuck in a car

Hello, this is Angel, Ice-bear.

just a quick note that Ikea is not here today. The odds are that he is either stuck in a car or playing hide-and-seek. Also, it is quite possible that he is packing a bag to go on a trip! (Oh, it was supposed to be a secret, Teddies are telling) oh well. The thing is, that i could not find any cool pictures of me NOR ice nor even anything from Ikea. So instead, I am reposting this funny-looking guy from Latvia – Edgars. Hedgehog, as a matter of fact. Don’t you just smile when you look at him? A fun little fellow, eats apples and all.

Ok, need to go and see if there’s any B&J left. Until then, bye bye!

.. where Angel (ice-bear) meets ice figures

Hello folks! It’s me, Angel, here. Ikea is still busy doing other zings..
so, instead, me, an ice-bear. Luckily for me (and Ikea i guess) I have new Ice pics! As you may have read, ice is grand! So i read in the news about this grand park with ice figures, to check it out immediately. And what do i find! Very nice ice! Oh, and i took photos, as i said:

As you can see here, a hedgehog. Quite well crafted and recognizable in shape. Loooove the dots on the sides. Someone has stuck a coin on it’s forehead.. lame.

A wolf actually. Fishing – couldn’t tell, but i read it on the stand. I guess those on the side are fish-heads. Big ones! And mind you, it’s not a glow-wolf, there’s just a lamp behind it.

Magnificent fork! Reminds me of a sketch by Monty Python, also about a fork, evidently. I have yet to see a fork so massive though! Almost as high as a neighboring Opera house, as you can see!  Very well lit too! Did I mention there was a knife also? There was a knife also! (but smaller)

And here’s one of my favorites, a Bird! Ice Bird, not Larry or Angry or any of those. Could be an eagle though..

There were some others too, like a frog or averyniceblockofICE – at least that’s what it looked like. All very very much fun, so highly recommended to go and check it out. They are in Tammsaare park right now, but i suspect they might melt after a while. OR i might go and nick one or two.. Well, that DOES sound like a good plan, when I think about it..! So I have to go now then, best Fishes and stay cool!

.. where Ikea meets a Hedgehog!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i don’t have many news this week because i have been really busy vacationing AND eating apples. but the good news is that i met a hedgehog!! his name is Edgars and he is from Latvia! I met him on my travels to South-Estonia last weekend, as i was busy eating apples. Apparently, Edgars likes apples too! so we had good talking! so, gotta go now! have fun and cu l8r!