.. where Ikea is watching Haanja 100

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

last weekend i wend to South Estonia, to watch a bike race in the rolling hills of Haanja. and i have to tell u, i am still a bit tired. and i was only watching!! because i would not want to try it myself – it is very very long. 100 kilometers!!! it would be totally different, if it was running, u know. but biking is not exactly for giraffes, u know. at least not 100 km race, i’m afraid.. so, i was watching, because there was one ikeathegiraffe.com team member also taking part, jei!
so i took some fotografs with the help from my friend, Sten. for example, here’s me watching:

and there are some more over here, not too many. but most fun thing was actually an old bike that i found on the way, hehe. great to sit on and watch the race, i can tell u!
but, like i said i am still tired somehow, so i will go and sleep now. but u can let me know if u have been doing any 100km races recently? have fun and cu l8er!

.. where Ikea ends up watching xdream in Valgehobusemäe

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what. on Friday, i was looking thru some fun giraffe stuff for my #funfriday collection, resting from holidays AND eating apples when my friend Sipsik asked if i was doing anything fun on Saturday. Normally i would have said “i’m doing very important stuff”, like “sunbathing” or “playing hide-and-seek with Angel”, but i was just in the middle of learning some Judo with my friend Lotte. “So, perhaps u would like to go and check how your team is doing at the xdream?” of course, i agreed right away. i like watching sport a lot. and xdream is quite fun too – lot’s of running! so, i went to this place called Valgehobusemäe, to support my team, ikeathegiraffe.com. here’s my team canoeing:

unfortunately, i did not get to see too many teams this time, as not everyone started together. so instead i mostly saw the same people, over and over, hehe! so i now remember some faces even. although giraffes, like me, are not gr8 with memory, u know. luckily i have fotografs. here’s a fotograf from this point that i found just a little bit off the main track:

the most fun part was this RMK special task, where you had to figure out the names of different animals. so there were seven different ones:

the gr8 thing about this special task was that i got to participate, as u can see. so people had to figure out seven animals. i can already tell u that number seven was giraffe!! but the other numbers were like Lynx and Moose among other things. can u guess which is which? let me know in comments!

there were, of course lot more fotografs that i took. they are mostly from my team, ikeathegiraffe.com, i’m afraid. but that’s good news because they got 12th place in Valgehobusemäe (White Horse Hill) and 11th in total. which is gr8 because i got to be on stage, jei! lots of fun, because i got to shake hands with about 40 people, hehe! if i get hold of a link to a fotograf, i will update this post! until then, have fun and let me know about the animal guessing ;)