.. where Ikea is watching Haanja 100

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

last weekend i wend to South Estonia, to watch a bike race in the rolling hills of Haanja. and i have to tell u, i am still a bit tired. and i was only watching!! because i would not want to try it myself – it is very very long. 100 kilometers!!! it would be totally different, if it was running, u know. but biking is not exactly for giraffes, u know. at least not 100 km race, i’m afraid.. so, i was watching, because there was one ikeathegiraffe.com team member also taking part, jei!
so i took some fotografs with the help from my friend, Sten. for example, here’s me watching:

and there are some more over here, not too many. but most fun thing was actually an old bike that i found on the way, hehe. great to sit on and watch the race, i can tell u!
but, like i said i am still tired somehow, so i will go and sleep now. but u can let me know if u have been doing any 100km races recently? have fun and cu l8er!

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