.. where Ikea goes to.. IKEA!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

u won’t believe what happened last weekend! i went to travel to IKEA! u know, it’s a shop with my name on it!!! that’s great thing! this shop is in Finland, in fact. That’s probably why i have not been to this shop before. here it is:

so, me and my friends went to check out all the things inside this shop, Ikea!!
apparently, it is supposed to be a shop for furniture! guess what – it’s not! i mean, not ONLY furniture. in fact, it has pretty much everything!! for example, if you are a giraffe, like me, and would not like to be a giraffe, u can buy this very nice thing, a bear costume! check it out, it is very nice:

well, this is the hat, u also need the other parts. like body, for example. u can see the bodies also on this fotograf, in the right lower left corner area.

so u must be curious, if there are any fun people (or animals) to meet in this shop, Ikea? in fact, YES! there are lots of them!!! mice, cows, monkeys, cats, dogs, frogs, crocs, rabbits, mice – oh did i already say that? so, there are lots of mice, bunnies, more dogs, elephants, tigers, even MOOSE!! yes! check it out yourself:

not too much space for such a big family, i’m afraid.. but they are all very happy and exited, because of christmas. so they will be travelling to many places around Finland soon – this one dog told me. Helsinki mostly, in fact. Some actually planning to come to Estland. so we’ll see then! Oh, did i tell u his name? of this dog, i mean? oh, his name is Kalle! he’s from Sweden också. so we talked about Jonköping and life over there. Seems like it’s winter time there too! Very nice! So, here’s a fotograf of me and Kalle, talking about some important stuff. Like Vättern!

so, it took quite a while to check everything in this Ikea shop. but i can say it was a lot of fun! so, finally we got some stuff for my friends and guess what – also our place here in Estland! for example this very comfy pillow that i am sitting on RIGHT NOW! also, it seems to me that we are just about to put something together!! i don’t know what it is yet, but it looks like a small package of papers right now! so i gotta go, but i hope to post fotografs of this thing next time!! so, have fun and hej do!