.. where something very sweet happens!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! like my friend Otter says: Best Thing Ever happened! Well, definitely in top 5, if you ask me! The other four being: acacia leaves, the invention of sunbathing, discovery of ice cream and the arrival of Olafs! And now – i got this message on my FB page:

Dear Ikea,
I´m Charlie and I look just like you. I am so happy that I found you.


For a long time I´ve been looking for someone of our kind and was quite desperate – perhaps that I am the only one in the big wide world. But now I´ve found you.

I send a foto of me and think we could be twins. I live in Germany and hope we can be friends.

It´s great that you can travel so much around our Planet. I will travel to Egypt in August.


I hope you are well
Your Charlie

This is the best message ever!! Here’s me looking at the fotograf that Charlie has taken of himself (below). And u have to believe me, it is not me, it’s Charlie (also giraffe)!! It may be that we ARE in fact twins! Because, u know, although I am from Sweden, my family is from Holland and Germany is quite near there! Next door even, maybe – so it’s possible u know..

WOHOO! WOHOO! WOHOO!! JEI JEI! JEI!! Giraffes in my looft!!