.. where Ikea and Angel eat best thing ever…

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, well not the VERY BEST thing to eat (which is acacia leaves) but one of my favorite things to eat – ice-cream!! This time we found these very nice little cups of B&J! Yes, it’s Ben and Jerry’s! I found one with Apple Pie and it tastes gr8! It seems to me that it will probably take 3rd or maybe 4th place in my B&J top ten list. #1 right now is Strawberry Cheesecake. Giraffes like strawberries a lot, u know!

Angel had Cookie Dough. It’s with cookies, if u didn’t know. Well, actually not real cookies, just the thing that cookies are made of. It’s probably OK, too, but Angel liked it simply because it is mostly white. Like ice.. but u can guess what Angel likes best. No, it’s not Phish food… YES, Baked Alaska, hehe! I like B&J ice-creams a lot, u know. Because of the fun names!!

What’s your favorite Ben and Jerry’s? Let me know in comments! Have fun and cu l8r!