.. where Ikea is watching Tartu Rulluisumarathon

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess where i have been this weekend! in Tartu, South-Estonia! in fact, there was this gr8 fun event called Tartu Rulluisumaraton, which sounds weird, but really is just a 42km race with speed-skates. I don’t have sk8es myself, but it sure looks like fun! and fast too!

for example, here’s the winner. he’s from Venezuela, so this skating must be REALLY fun, because he has come so far. my friend Lotte tells me that it’s really really far. and she knows these things!

so, here i was, watching. in fact, there were two events! or maybe three, even. So, one was sprint and the other was this marathon. and also half-marathon – that is 21km. That’s where my friend Sipsik was participating. i think she did really well because i did not even see when she went by, it was so fast!

and u know what – in the middle of those events, you could go and eat some pasta, hehe! i did not eat pasta myself, but i had ice-cream. i like ice-cream a lot, u know – therefore, no fotografs, hehe!

also, i managed to get hold of this yellow balloon! these balloons are really a lot of fun. because they want to fly away, u know. so i had to tie it to my hand in fact. balloons can be quite mischievous, i can tell u! especially the yellow ones, they are known for that!

but another thing happened while i was watching the marathon – i got hijacked! although my friend Leenu says the right word is kidnapped, but i think she only says it because it was this kid who “napped” me. but she only wanted to say hi, jack. although i am not jack, but Ikea. but i could not talk – see:

but i did meet a Teddy bear in the process, hehe! other than that, it was all good fun! oh, and did u notice the happy carrots a few fotografs back – they’re my favorite carrots from now on, hehe! how about you? did you do any rollerskating over the weekend? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!