.. where Ikea secretly finds a ball pool

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! last weekend i was doing my regular things (not a secret), i was invited to a party (not a secret). because it was dark outside, i don’t have gr8 fotografs of the party, but i took some secretly when i found this home-made ball pool (a secret):

ball pools are actually gr8 fun, if u ask me. the good thing about them, is that you never run out of balls (normally). except this one time when my friend Muzzy was playing in a ball pool, there were no balls left in the pool in the end, hehe! but i have never seen a ball pool at home, usually they are in shopping malls or something like that. so, i can’t tell u very much about it, because it is a secret. guess why – because animals (read: giraffes) were not allowed in the ball pool!! although i have to disagree with that (disagree is when you don’t agree with something, my friend Leenu says). so, as i can’t tell u more about it, i will go and play hide-and-seek with Angel. but you can let me know if you have played in the ball pools and what u like best about them, ok? have fun and cu l8r!