.. where Ikea is hunting for ice-cream

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

now. as i mentioned earlier, there is one thing every giraffe knows – when u go to Paris, u need to have some ice-cream! so, after some sightseeing..

.. and some geocaching (: ..

.. i went to hunt for some ice-cream from Île Saint-Louis!

it is an island in fact, right in the middle of the river! it is actually quite small island, so it seems to me that you can only find ice-cream shops there. and also a restaurant with cows on the windows. i actually told Undu about these cows and he was totally psyched! unfortunately, i have no fotografs of those cows.

ooh, this one tasted really really good. i think ice-cream is moving up fast in my top 100 best things to eat. (if u ask what place, then i’d say around 24th, because there are still 19 dishes of acacia leaves and 4 from apples that definitely stay ahead.) but there is one important thing – there is really two different kinds of ice-cream (shops) on that louis island – Amorino and Berthillon. and if u ask me, then they are totally different. so, after i finished my amorino, i was still a little hungrig, so i went to hunt for that other one! in fact, there was even a line for this one:

but eventually everyone got their ice-creams, including me – as u can see from the fotograf below. ooh, and by the way there has been some really nice weather last few weeks, so i tried some local ice-cream here and it is not that good. so, if u are travelling to Paris, then go to the ice-cream island! or, perhaps u have been there? which one did u like, the amarino or the berthillon? or maybe u can recommend me more very good ones to try? let me know in comments! so, have fun and cu l8r!