.. where Ikea meets a ginger-giraffe and a strange animal

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i didn’t actually meet them. well, i did meet them afterwards, when they were out of oven, had their sugar-coating and i was taking fotografs. but i actually also made them myself, jei!
apparently i have to tell u that unlike last time – and – not to mention the last time before last time, i was not allowed to make so many xmas cookies this time. because, u know, i only mostly made giraffes. And, then Teddies eat all of them giraffes!! So this time Sipsik said – less giraffes – because we don’t need that kind of massacre here. Not before Christmas, anyway. But maybe she said so just because she could not find the giraffe-shape cookie cutter? well, apparently this remains a mystery as of now. So, instead, i made this one giraffe with a really really long neck, hehe! Check it out:

well, in fact i wanted to make a giraffe with even longer neck but apparently it does not fit in the oven!! (Although Teddies suggested some good ideas that we still need to research before we talk to Sipsik about it..). So instead, we made this strange fun animal with a gr8 fun name: animal-with-no-name. But it looks a bit like a dog to me, i’m afraid. The good fun thing about it is, that it’s mu first ever gingerbread cookie in 3D, jei!
me and my friend Lotte are currently working on an idea of a 3D giraffe ginger cookie, but as of right now, we have run into that oven problem once again. Really really annoying, if u ask me. Still, we will be working on it again tonight. Until then, let me know if you have made any 3D xmas cookies (or giraffes)? have fun and cu l8r!