.. where Ikea meets snow tiger

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
apparently some time last week or so, chinese new year started. and seems to me that because of that, a huge snow tiger (and also some other animals, like this dragon – no giraffes this time :() showed up in the middle of Tallinn. so, i decided to go and sneak up to him:

after a little sneaking, nothing happened. so, i quickly learned that he can’t see, because he has no eyes! or eyeballs i think it’s called in English. hmm.. a blind chinese snow tiger?

so, knowing that i took some other fotografs with the ice tiger, like this one over here, hehe :) next time i’d like to meet a snow giraffe, really. if you know any, let me know and send me a fotograf! so, cu l8r!

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