.. where Ikea solves the mystery with the bed!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

remember the bed that i was talking about not long ago? i must say i asked pretty much everyone. but they were all very mysterious about it.. until just some days ago i found out – we are going to have a new person living in our home! jei! this is gr8 fun, because it was i think more than a year ago when we had someone move in! (well, of course we have Olafs, but they don’t count because they did not move in, they arrived in a package.) so, i think it was very much time!

so, meet Jette, my new roommate. I only have one fotograf because it is not so easy to catch her sleeping, u know! and the only time i have caught her, Angel was playing with the computer. so, i have not decided yet if he made this fotograf look interesting or gr8 fun-looking!

she is quite good looking, don’t u think? it’s probably because she has big eyes, like me, hehe! so, i think i will go and see if she wants to play something. Oh! and also, i wanted to tell u very secretly what Sipsik was telling me the other day – we will have another girl move in with us soon!! that’s very good news because so far, the only girl in our house was Leenu. and of course Sipsik too. so i had to tell u, but please keep this as a secret. until then, u can guess who this will be? i think she will be some kind of cute animal, what do you think? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes to Saaremaa and finds boots!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Guess what? last weekend was very much fun! and, despite all this rain, i took a lot of fotografs! so, it will take some time to sort them out, i’m afraid.. anyways, if u remember from couple of weeks ago i visited Hiiumaa, the second largest island in Estland. and i helped to build a little bit of bridge – over here. so, after just a couple of weeks, many giraffes and other friends were asking how the bridge is coming along. i had no idea. so, instead of sitting at home, we went to check it out – from the other side – Saaremaa!!

but, i’m afraid i have bad news. the other side is not coming along very well at all! check out – they even have put up a sign – it is all falling apart!!

and, i have to say, it is no wonder this bridge building takes so much time. because i went to investigate this mystery a little bit, and i found out!

1st of all, they are using very much ancient technology. consider this for time-keeping: a sun dial!

even we, giraffes, know that this is well outdated! because, u know, it does not show time when the sun is not outside!! like this exact day we were there. in fact, not only was it not sunny, it was actually totally clouded, with some of them leaking really badly. plus the wind. in fact, i had to squeeze the dial just to keep myself sitting straight.

2ndly, just a few miles (that’s like about 8 kilometres) away, the sun was out! what a bad selection of place to start building the bridge (and the sundial) where it is raining (and no sun). see below, it is very much clearish sky’s don’t u think?

3rdly – they use old windmills as workers!!!!!! take a look at this old guy Tõll (he is supposed to be in charge) here:

and, if u ask me, a giraffe, he has his eyes set not the bridge, but the bride, right next to thim, also an ex-windmill, Piret:

and, although i am not an expert on windmill sociology, there is one main problem with windmills as workers – they are stuck! stoned to the ground, so to speak. and they move, if at all, extremely slowly. so, it is no wonder the bridgework is not going on very well. mystery solved!!!

although the outcome was not so great, it was very much fun to investigate, i have to say! also, in the investigation process, i found some quite old boots, supposedly from the last century or so. quite nice ones, in fact, hehe! they fit perfectly.

i can secretly tell u that i went to test these out on my morning run. shhh!
so, what about you? have u visited any islands lately? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea solves a mystery!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i don’t know if u have noticed, but quite often when im about to go and do something fun, Undu has dissappeared somewhere? so, i decided to put a “tail” on him – me! (although, in fact he already has a tail, like all wolves – so in case it is confusing, i tried to observe him very closely).

i must say, Undu really was not all that suspicious most of the morning, u know. he went about his usual chores of drinking milk, looking at the cow, cleaning out his pocket and sharpening claws. although i must say, he did sharpening claws twice! so, when i think about it now, it does seem a bit more suspicious than usual.. and then of course, it was quite obvious when he did not join me, teddies and Angel in playing yatzy! so, still playing, i kept a close watch on him from the corner of my eye! – i have quite big eyes, u know, i can keep an eye on lots of things! and, sure enough, suddenly Undu had sneaked out of the door! i excused myself and started to follow!

luckily undu did not go very fast. probably because of two things – he had now his sheep hat on (!!!) and also it was very very very hot! but it was good pace actually for sneaking (one of my favorite things to do also). we did not go to far really, and by the time we got there i had already solved the mystery – Undu was about to go SHEEPING! and he did! here’s a fotograf for you to see also (note the sheep on the background):

mystery solved! u must be curious to find out what ‘sheeping’ is? it is quite simple, really. it is when you go and mingle into a flock of sheep, dressed as a sheep, so that they don’t find out you are not a sheep! it’s actually one of Undu’s favorite things to do, as i found out! but he never takes friends – and it’s quite obvious why – we don’t have the sheep costumes!

but, it does seem a lot like a fun thing to do. maybe i will try to get a sheep costume for myself from somewhere? perhaps my friend Shaun can help – i will try to find out. Until then – let me know what fun’s been happening in your flock of sheep, hehe! have fun and cu l8r!