.. where Angel (ice-bear) talks about his favorite thing..

.. which is: ICE!

oh, hello there! It’s me, Ikea! but this time let me introduce to you my friend Angel, the ice-bear! well, in the Great Book of Wild Teddies And Other Animals, ice-bears are sometimes called polar bears. I don’t know why, actually. Because Angel has never told me anything about such thing as “polar”.. But i know one thing for sure – he loves ice!! so, that’s probably why he is called an ice-bear, it seems to me.

Actually, we know of his attraction to ice for quite some time now. probably from day one, when i met him – when i think about it. it seems to me that it was the icicle that he was chewing on that gave him away. but of course we could not be so sure.. until one day of course when my friend Aura (who lives in Tartu) found him building an igloo on the pond!! unfortunately no fotografs from that.

it was quite easy from then on, because most of the time when it gets cold outside, Angel is pretty much gone. that’s usually then when he is building the igloos or just having fun in the ice. like for example this weekend! so this time, i sneaked out after him and took some fotografs. here they are – with Angels comments.

so hello, here this is me, Angel. as u can see, i like ice. a lot! Here i have found a fun iceberg just to sit on and relax. this is very cozy ice, as you can see for yourself.

this, on the other hand is not so nice, because of the colour. however it is not what you may think it is! its just regular ice from the sea. the color is brown because it is meant for brown bears. heh heh. not really, it’s a fun joke that we have with Teddies. the brown colour comes from seaweed and other plants. however, this ice is quite funny because it is not slippery. well, not for me it isn’t.

this is called a three o’clock roll. this is something that i do usually around three o’clock during the daytime every day. it’s just a fun thing to do, especially on a public ice like this one. this time i also got lucky and had very nice white snow on top of the ice, so its all clean and white afterwards. and yes, it is a public ice, the fishermen are all crowded in the background. ask Ikea!

so here i tried to build an igloo too. not a gr8 success i’m afraid. it’s because of the wind and the new brown water/ice that somewhat ruined the idea. better luck next time i guess..

here, this is one of my favorite litte ice-bergs. i just sometimes come and hang around here and look at my reflextion on the ice. it’s quite facinating. there’s also a little bit of Estonian flag in the background, if u look hard enough. so, a gr8 fun place to chill in fact.

so, that’s my friend Angel and his Ice. let me know what u think of ice!!? Thanks for stopping! Have fun and cu l8r!

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