.. where Ikea plays hide-and-seek in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
u know, it seems to me that the autumn is here! in fact, it is quite obvious, because all leaves are not on the trees as usual, but on the ground! also, i have to point out that the leaves are no longer green. instead – they are ORANGE, my favorite colour! so, last weekend, i quickly persuaded Angel to conduct our bi-weekly hide-and-seek game in our park, Kadriorg. as it so happens, i took some fotografs!

..unfortunately, not from Angel. and u know why? because, we quickly learned that we can only play half of the game this time (and leave the other for later, when there is also snow).. for obvious reasons – it is totally easy to spot a great white Ice-bear in the orange leaves!!! so, we made a deal that this time, i will play “hide” and he will play “seek”. and we will switch next time, when the snow is here. it seems a fair enough deal to me. but of course, lots of fun, if u are an orange-yellow giraffe, like me, in the leaves:

i guess not so easy to find, i’m afraid! i have to say, it took Angel quite some time to spot me in these leaves. in fact, in this very spot, it took so long time for Angel to find me that it was already getting dark!!

as he later told me, he finally found me because of my white eyes. of course i didn’t tell him that earlier i had covered my eyes with a large maple leaf, hehe! but i didn’t want to stay in the park forever, so i removed it.
so, as it turns out, leaves can be a lot of fun also when they are not on the tree, don’t you think? either way, i have more fotografs of me hiding and my friend Sipsik gave me a great idea that you all could also try to find me – as it is not so easy! so, i will go and find some more fotografs from my game with Angel and then i will upload them on my Facebook photos for a little giraffe-spotting fun! (but it may take a little while, so check back later!) also, let me know any other good fun things to do with all these leaves- in comments! have fun and cu l8er!

.. where Ikea is attending a sweep day in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

now. i was going to tell u about the mystery in the last post about me being the size of a tower, but it has to wait! because this weekend i had a lot of fun attending the Estonian bee-day! apparently, there were many events all around, but i learned about my neighborhood event from my local facebook community of Kadriorg, which is where i live. so, as u may have noticed, i am all for community events, because of the fun. u know, in africa the giraffes only have community events actually. they never have a non-community events. so, there i was and, i managed to take a few fotografs in the process, jei!

here in fact u can see the house that we were sweeping. it seemed like a really big house with lots and lots of trash inside. which is quite funny because nobody lives there.. quite a mystery in fact. anyways, seems like this house will become the community cathering place for some time, so i guess it looks much better without all this trash inside. as far as i can tell, after the trash was cleared away, even giraffes, like me, could walk quite freely without hitting your head!

so here u can see some people putting the trash away in the bags..

.. and then some other people and me trying to put the new wheelbarrow together.

but this wasn’t the only activity. lots of people, including my friend Sipsik (although she is not on this fotograf) were raking the leaves in the park. in fact, the park was full of those leaves, all from last year or so. they don’t have too many leaf-eating animals in this park, i’m afraid. that’s probably why all these good leaves go wasted. i could help out myself, but it seems to me that they don’t have any acacias there..

but i have to tell you that this raking got me all tired. as u can see here on the fotograf, hehe! luckily we could have a break and see some russian people singing and dancing. this was in front of another house that was being swept by some other people. quite a lot of fun moves, i have to say :) i have to try some of these one day, maybe!

so, lots of work, but also some fun and a little bit of nice rain. there are in fact more fotografs of the Kadriorg sweeping day over here, so if u are into fotografs, check them out too :). but, what about you? did you go to help out on some of the bees last weekend too? or had some other fun event from the weekend? let me know and cu l8r!