.. where Ikea sees rain and meets puppies

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

as u may have noticed, i was travelling to south-Estonia lately. and one thing about south-Estonia is that you may get rained on. well, most of the time u get snow actually, but this time i got some rain! lots of fun! so i decided to see who’s out and what’s up in general.
so, first of all, i tried to catch some rain in my fotografs. it was not so easy, but anyway i got a fotograf of the rain – over here:

as u can observe, it was a very decent rain in fact. so, i did not want to go splashing about in the mud, like my friend undu likes to do. also, i don’t currently have the special clothes my friend otter has, so i figured i find a little shelter. that’s when i met the puppies!

there were about 5 of them puppies and they gladly asked me to join their new home for the time of rain. so i did. unfortunately i don’t have a group fotograf, because it was all wet outside – and the cameras are not quite as waterproof as giraffes, i’m afraid. or better still, wolves. u know, like my friend undu – besides rain, he also seems to be mud-proof! well, i have to take a few fotografs of him and post them some other time. because this time he had gone somewhere and was not seen all the time it was raining and i was visiting the puppies.

so, here’s a few fotografs of their place, here’s the living room..

.. and well… that’s pretty much it! well, they do have another room for dining, but that was a little occupied at the time, hehe! so here’s another one of the living room for you then:

somehow he wanted to eat my horns.. so, we talk a little about the weather and just wanted to start playing hide-and-seek when the rain stopped. in fact it did not stop totally, but more or less, so i could sneak back into the house without much trouble. i guess it is also good fun not to have special rain clothes sometimes, because u might just as well end up with some fun puppies! so, it was great fun. what about u, have u had some good fun with rain recently? let me know in comments! have fun and cu l8r!

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