.. where Ikea makes.. giraffes!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! it’s been Christmas time! so, if u didn’t get the last post – Merry Christmas to you! so, for this Christmas, i decided to borrow my friend Sipsik’s Christmas-cookie-cutter. u know – because it is in the shape of a GIRAFFE!! that’s great! so, naturally, i had to make some giraffes!

oh, and did i tell u that i secretly also made one moose!? hehe..
i guess the hard part is getting the giraffes from after cutting to the pan. it’s because of my paws, u know. they are not very good for lifting thin sticky objects! in fact, i have to tell u that most giraffes don’t bake all that much. i guess that’s because so many are vegetarians. i am also vegetarian, but i also like some other stuff. like ice-cream, for example, hehe!

so, finally i got the giraffes lined up. this is the first patch. and here, they’re all here, little giraffes…!!!!

.. and me, ready for some fun sugar-coating with one of my favorite colours – yellow! it seems to me that decorating the christmas cookies is one of the most important things. because, u know, have u ever seen a giraffe with no eyes?? no fun having no eyes at all, i’m afraid.

So, afterwards, on the next fotograf you see how it looks pretty much. This fotograf is called “45+1 giraffes and a Moose”:

and in fact, it not just a fotograf, it is a puzzle! i have to tell u, it is quite fun – here’s the puzzle question: which giraffe is unique? hint-hint: it’s not me! so far, only Angel has figured out the right answer (but he had some computerized help, i think). so, let me know your answers in comments! so, have fun, and cu l8r! (next year, probably) hehe!

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