.. where Ikea is modelling for a photographer

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
guess what! last weekend i got to go and check out the snow in Türisalu with my friend Kalev, a photographer (among other things, hehe). Apparently there were no other gr8 models around, so i got to be the model, jei! so, here comes couple of fotografs from this shoot, one lighter and one in more darker one. This darker one is about jumping off the cliff, but fear not – it is just modelling, not real! Just a little bit scary, if u ask me. Giraffes are not really good at jumping off the cliffs. It’s more of a goat thing, don’t u think?

But try to find me on this fotograf, hehe! There were, in fact more fotografs taken, as u can see from this first pic, but they all look quite similar to me somehow.. It’s probably because of the camera? But i quite like these fotografs. My friend Sipsik says they are quite good for a first modelling job. What do you think? Have u been modelling yourself for a photographer? Let me know in comments! have fun and cu l8r!

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