..where Ikea goes to see triathlon

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea.
I am now trying to post more fotografs more often. so, this is what i did for the weekend – i went to see some other sports called triathlon. Apparently you have to swim, go biking and then run as well. it’s like xdreaming, but more boring, somehow. So this time, i only went to see. I have also seen this guy Tomm on tv – usually when i get up in the morning, he is on tv – so, i had to check out how he is doing.
So, here it is me waiting for the swimmers:

.. and now waiting for bikers:

.. and here i am looking for runners. they are quite slow, hehe :)

i have to say, lot’s of good fun. since i took many fotografs, it takes so long to upload them here that i fell asleep. so instead, please look at for more fotos from Pühajärve triathlon here in picasa.

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