.. where Ikea finds Jerry and Ben in Stockholm

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea här!

guess what! i have been looking for the Internet the whole time. (Except of course also playing hide-and-seek, packing and other things.) But, I couldn’t find it. I mean, not in Stockholm. And not for free. And I have to tell u that the Internet on the boat is *very* sloooooooww.. So, it is not much fun, if u ask me!
But, as I was looking for the Internet – something good also happened! I found this Mr Jerry and Mr Ben, jei!

Right in the middle of Stockholm, Sverige! As u might think, we, giraffes are very much into ice-cream. So i tried out some flavors we don’t have in Estland. For exampel i tried Cherry Garcia with Oh My Apple Pie and a large wafer and it tasted gr8! So much fun eating B&J and sunbathing – my favorite! I have taken a bad fotograf with my phone – it’s true – see below! I tried to take a cone with seven scoops, but unfortunately we did not have enough Kronor for that. Maybe i will go back next week and try the other ones.. I will now go back and see if my friend Sipsik made any good fotografs for me to share with you next time. Until then – have fun, let me know if u have been finding B&J recently and cu l8r!