.. where Ikea finds a fun path in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i found a strange path in my home park, Kadriorg!! Check it out:

In fact, i was just doing my regular walking-around-in-the-park, when i noticed it! very interesting..! luckily there was just a sign explaining pretty much everything. u can read (click to make bigger):

apparently, it is some kind of art project. and it is there no longer, i’m afraid because i heard it was there only for a few days. however, i was there and i have proof (fotografs, as u can see). but also, i recorded a video. because, u know – and this is very mysterious, if u ask me, a giraffe – IT LEADS NOWHERE!! see for yourself:

it is very very strange, don’t you think? but certainly lots of fun! i hope they make more of those kinds of paths in Kadriorg, just for fun. have u seen anything like this in your neighborhoods? well, let me know!! and here’s a little “find-a-giraffe” fotograf for u as a bonus! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea solves the mystery with the bed!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

remember the bed that i was talking about not long ago? i must say i asked pretty much everyone. but they were all very mysterious about it.. until just some days ago i found out – we are going to have a new person living in our home! jei! this is gr8 fun, because it was i think more than a year ago when we had someone move in! (well, of course we have Olafs, but they don’t count because they did not move in, they arrived in a package.) so, i think it was very much time!

so, meet Jette, my new roommate. I only have one fotograf because it is not so easy to catch her sleeping, u know! and the only time i have caught her, Angel was playing with the computer. so, i have not decided yet if he made this fotograf look interesting or gr8 fun-looking!

she is quite good looking, don’t u think? it’s probably because she has big eyes, like me, hehe! so, i think i will go and see if she wants to play something. Oh! and also, i wanted to tell u very secretly what Sipsik was telling me the other day – we will have another girl move in with us soon!! that’s very good news because so far, the only girl in our house was Leenu. and of course Sipsik too. so i had to tell u, but please keep this as a secret. until then, u can guess who this will be? i think she will be some kind of cute animal, what do you think? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea discovers a bed with a giraffe on it

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

you don’t know what happened this one day! (i am going to tell u, in fact). so, last week, i had to go outside for some fun that i had in plan. im not sure what day it was, because, giraffes are not very good with their memory, u know. but i think it was friday? because most of the fun things i have planned for fridays. or mondays. so, it was either monday or friday. it was last week, that i know. so, i had to go out and then, come back. so when i came back, i had to go and ask if Angel was coming with me to do this other thing that is secret (of which i can’t exactly tell u right now). so what i discover in Angel’s room – a bed!! and more interestingly, a bed with a giraffe on it!!!!

i’d say this is a rather nice thing that can happen to you on friday, don’t u think? because, i can tell u one thing for sure – i did not assemble it this time. because i did not have any such manual. i have still not received any comments from teddies yet, but they are not much into beds these days, i’m afraid. so, it is quite mysterious how this bed got into Angels room in fact. Angel also says he does not know. he claims to have been playing hide-and-seek at the time. which is rather suspicious, as there were no-one else playing.
but, that’s not really important, i think. the best thing is, that there is a new bed with a giraffe on it in our home. i have tested it for some nights now, and it is really comfortable. even for giraffes, like me. it’s much bigger actually than necessary and my friend Sipsik says, it is not actually for me. perhaps we all need to fit in this new bed? it is actually quite possible, because so far, for example Undu has been sleeping in the bookshelf. and that’s not so comfortable, i can tell u! in fact, i have planned questioning my friend Sipsik in the matter of this bed and the giraffe, but i have been a little busy. so, until i find out, let me know if you have seen any gr8 things with a giraffe on it recently? perhaps u can even post some fotografs? let me know in comments!! tack! have fun and cu l8r!!