Ikea For the Fun!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
and u know what day it is today? it’s Friday! it’s my favorite day in fact. it starts with F, u know. actually, it is FunFriday. also, i know that today Football World Cup starts. Football is also with F. so lots of Fs and fun. and today is the day when my friend Ikea For the Fun starts it’s travels too! check it out:

so this is my first travel bug. it’s actually not a bug, it’s a small giraffe, like me! it has a goal to get to Africa. Madagascar in fact. because i have this favorite film, Madagascar, and they want to go to Madagascar. and they have a lot of fun going there. so, i wanted to go to Madagascar too. but before i go there myself, i figured, i send my friend, little Ikea traveller. so help him get there! if he gets there, next he will want to go to New York too. so please help. he likes travel as much as i do, in fact. so, today he started his travels really from a geocache named Foorum – hehe, guess why this one :)
ooh, and if u don’t know what is geocaching, check out me geocaching. or if u live in Estonia, then there is a page where all the local geocachers live – over here at www.geopeitus.ee !!

And also! very important – if u have a cool story with Ikea4Fun, please share with me – send to ikea[ät]ikeathegiraffe.com, and I will share it on my blog here! have fun!

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