.. where Ikea makes ice-cream shake!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

although summer is almost done, it is always a gr8 time for some ice-cream, don’t you think? i think so. but since i already have several very very good ice-creams inside the top 100 best things to eat, here’s a little something different – an ice-cream shake! and not just any shake, an orange-color shake, jei! and making it is really easy. it’s almost as easy as cooking or making christmas cookie, or even easier in fact!

so, here’s what you need for Orange Ice-Cream Shake:

1. 1 litre of ice-cream! i recommend a mango-melon (cantaloupe) ice-cream, they have a really good one of those here in Estland

2. around 0,5 litres (or less, it seems to me) of (orange) Fanta

3. a blender

4. a bowl of some sort. or a tall cup (highly recommended by and for giraffes who are not so gr8 at blending)

5. a giraffe (optional)

as u can see, this is what i had. and like I said, the making part is quite simple and fun. as the name says, all u need to do is to mix the ice-cream with the Fanta and then shake it together. or blend, rather. here’s how it’s done:

blend a little more:

and then, it is ready, jei! however, it is quite important to taste, also!!

like for exampel, it takes me lots of time to blend, so i don’t use all the Fanta (i like Fanta also a lot, for two reasons, do u know why? yes, it is orange and it starts with F!) because of the ice-cream melting that takes place. also, a tip from a giraffe here: you can’t make a really good shake only with melted ice-cream, u know. U do need SOME Fanta in this recipe to make it work!

so, now it is time for some Orange Ice-Cream Shake! best to combine with sunbathing, if possible. Have fun trying it out and let me know how you liked it! have fun and cu l8r!

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