.. where Ikea is travelling in Turkey

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

like i was saying, it took me a while to sort these fotografs from my trip to Turkey. (apparently, “turkey” is also a bird.. but i did not see any birds in fact. only sun and camels, jei!)
so, here’s my selection (there is a lot more, but some of them are not so gr8. like for example the ones from the waterfall that we went to check out this one time. i have to tell u, we were mostly in the Hotel, just sunbathing and eating acacia leaves. but we also did some other fun things. like for example we went to check out this old town called Side, which is about here.

as u can see, it is really quite nice. on the way there, we also went to check out this one local church:

which they tend to call a mosque instead. they are quite nice because of the thin long minarets (that’s the towers u know) which look quite like giraffe’s necks! very nice! here’s me inside the mosque. check out the fun carpet they have manufactured pretty much for giraffes, like me to sit on:

hehe! among other things we found in Side were many houses that had not been properly repaired for quite some time. for example, take a look at this wall:

it has holes everywhere! in fact, most of the rest of the house is – somewhat missing, im afraid..!

or, take a look at this giant amphitheater here:

it is quite clear why this is not working any longer – it does not have a roof. it is not so easy to go to a theater without a roof. especially movie-theatres!

but here’s to the fun part – riding a camel, jei!! this was all back at the hotel in fact.

and also – the waterpark, hehe! although i can tell u that i (a giraffe) don’t like water sports. so therefore i went to the waterpark when it was a bit closed. so i did not get wet, hehe!

so, this was my little trip to Turkey. i did take more fotografs, but they are mostly from my favorite hobby – sunbathe. so they are not so much fun. instead, let me know if u have been to Turkey and where to? Have fun and cu l8r!

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