.. where Ikea goes to.. ?

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have to say thanks for Angel for filling in for me last week! and i don’t mind him posting fotografs about himself. he does look pretty good on a fotograf, don’t you think? for an ice-bear, anyway! but i could not be at the computer (or phone) because, u know, i was totally mysteriously travelling into SPACE!

hehe, at least that’s what everybody was thinking when they first saw this fotograf! in fact, after that i did some research about this space-thing and i have to tell u that going into space sounds very interesting now. also, it seems to me, that i would then be the very first giraffe in space! so i will put it on my to do list!

but, as u can tell, i actually had to go washing. i have to admit, that washing is not my strenghts. so i had to take a good few weeks off just to prepare myself mentally. also, i had to buy some pills for sea-sickness u know. (because of the rotating thing that goes round and round and round and round). it’s not so great to be sea-sick in the washing, i can tell you!

so, after i got everything sorted out, i was finally ready. because, u know, it was not my first time in washing. it’s actually been several times in the big machine! but it is also a little bit fun too. especially being clean afterwards, hehe! also, for some reason, i now smell a little bit like roses.. that’s a little bit mystery to me, actually.

like every time after this washing thing it seems to me that it’s not such a big deal at all. so, now me and Angel we are putting together a list of wash-days for the whole year! so, there will be a wash-day once in every month and everybody can sign up in advance. that way it is not so easy to back out. because there may not be another chance for a while. because for example me, i cannot go together with Angel. because he would then be all orange afterwards, hehe! not so cool to be an orange ice-bear, i think!

also, i have a little tip for everybody who is going to go washing soon. you need a good rubbing afterwards!! for example, it takes at least a couple of hours of rubbing for the likes of me to get a really nice fur going again. so, make sure you have someone with a couple of hours of spare time for rubbing. especially those places you cannot reach yourself!
so, i will now go and check out if everything is okay! but let me ask you, what’s your experience with washing? and, did you have enough fun in the process? let me know in comments! have fun and c u l8r!

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