.. where Ikea gets new sneakers and goes wild strawberry hunting!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what happened! apparently my good friends read about how much we – giraffes, like me – like running on this blog. and they made me a present – sneakers!! and the gr8 thing is – they are orange, my favorite colour! jei jei jei!

and i can secretly tell u that i did not even have a birthday or any other day, really! so, a gr8 surprise for me! i like surprises a lot!! so, now i can do running properly. u know, when it is raining and so – it is not very comfortable to run without sneakers, i’m afraid.

to test out the sneakers, i did not go running however :) instead, i went for wild strawberry hunting, hehe!

as u know, i like wild strawberries a lot, after last year we went WSBH with the Teddies. but this time i just went on my own, for three reasons: 1. i had sneakers 2. teddies were not around and 3. wild strawberries were not too far. quite near in fact, just in front of the house, hehe! so, i was pretty sure that my hunting trip will be successful and therefore it was gr8 for testing out the new sneakers. and the strawberries were just really gooooood too!

so, now i will go back to eat some more. with milk!! what about you? have you gone strawberry-hunting already this year? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

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