.. where Ikea finds a trampoline

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
guess what! on my vacation, i found this fun thing called trampoline. It was right in Sipsik’s friends’ yard, so finding was quite easy. But then, i discovered that you can have lots of fun jumping on a trampoline, hehe! Let me show how this works, it’s quite easy in fact! So, here’s the trampoline:

so, u need to climb up there and jump up! the gravity takes care of the rest!

yes, the gravity. we, giraffes, are big fans of gravity. it’s a force that pretty much keeps you attached to the ground. except when you jump i think, but really, this gravity really brings you back to the ground. or, trampoline, in this case. so, just need to jump a little, and then do some fun things. like for example you can jump upside down, like this:

.. or do a “dead fish flying”. that’s when you are belly up and on the fotograf it looks like you are flying, hehe!

but of course, there are lots of other things u can do, but these are the most easy ones. for giraffes, i think. so, i will go try to see if i can think of some new tricks to do on a trampoline next time. Until then, i have a big question to you – have u been jumping on a trampoline recently? let me know what’s your favorite trick! have fun and cu l8r!

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