.. where Ikea discovers another – bed!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

well, in fact, it’s a couch! it’s a really really large couch, i think it is especially made for giraffes. like me! also, this couch has a really nice grayish texture. me and Angel think it is made from the same material as Undus sheep costume. but we cannot find out right now, because Undu has gone somewhere. sheeping, maybe? so, here’s me on this really really large couch:

the gr8 thing about this couch is also that it comes with lots and lots and lots of PILLOWS! and yes! now we have new hiding places for hide-and-seek! in fact, this new couch has so many pillows that we had to give away some old ones i’m afraid. either way, i think we still have a more than we had before. so that’s gr8 news!
i think i will go back to investigate this couch a little more because teddies just discovered that it seems to have some fun mechanisms inside! wohoo! so, have fun and cu l8r!

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