Ikea’s top 5 places for hide-and-seek

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

as u know, most of all i like to travel and take fotografs. but right now i cannot go outside because of this big lake that is around our house. this lake is from the rain and a that big pile of snow that is melting. they say it will be a bit colder soon, so there is possible to go skating, maybe. but as of right now, i should not go outside. because i may get cold. well, i have not had any cold myself, but other giraffes that i have been talking that a cold is not a very nice thing to have. especially for giraffes  – because of the long neck, u know. so therefore, i can’t go out and have to stay inside.

so what is there to do inside a house? lots of things. especially number one is to play games. and the number one game that we play usually is hide-and-seek, as u may know. however, there is not much to take fotografs of, i’m afraid – while playing. because everyone is hiding, and u can’t see much, hehe! so instead, let me introduce to you my top places for hiding! well, they are not MY places, because for example Angel is usually hiding in the bamboo basket. but they are my TOP places of everyone’s places for hiding u see.

so here it goes.

#5 – In The Big Black Bag

or in the Gray one. or any large bag, really! bags do come in handy when playing hide and seek, don’t u think? also, the Big Black Bag is the favorite hiding place from my friend Undu. unless of course he is hiding in the balcony, hehe! because he has a sheep costume, u know, it’s really warm with that on the balcony, it seems to me.

#4 – Under the Pillows

guess what – we have lots and lots and lots of pillows! pillows are really really good for hiding, that’s why they come right in the 4th place. usually, my friend Sipsik finds the teddies under the pillows. but pillows are really good for hiding some other stuff as well. like the other day, i discovered a postcard with a giraffe on it under the pillows. so, pillows are not only good for hiding, but also for discovering things!

#3 – In The Bamboo Basket

hehe, i think u already know why the bamboo basket is great for hiding!! Because it has a LID! That’s great news. Because u can almost lift the lid up and still be hiding. But of course, we always spot Angel when he is in the bamboo basket. Because he is white!! and also the fact that he almost always hides in there. So that’s why bamboo basket is on the third spot – it’s is very difficult to get there before Angel does!!

#2 – In The Washing Machine

the washing machine is almost my number one favorite place to hide. for two reasons. first, nobody ever guesses that i’m there. Except Undu sometimes. Or Angel. and secondly, it is usually always available. of course sometimes it is not, when my friend Sipsik is washing some clothes. But then we usually decide to play something else.
Well, not always of course, because there are still other gr8 places to hide. Especially the mysterious number one spot:

#1 – and the winner is – Inside The New Cupboard!

jei! the new cupboard is the best place to hide, ever. or at least for a few weeks now. for example, there are so many drawers to hide (three). then each of these drawers has lots and lots of space for hiding. well except recently, it is full of some clothes, but still lots of room! for example, this one time that we played hide-and-seek, everybody hid in the cupboard!! and it was still quite difficult to find everybody, i must say. but the cupboard is really, really nice!! so, right now it is very much at the top of my hiding list, hehe!
also, recently we have found that it is even more fun to play in the dark!! so u don’t need to hide at all. well, i do – because of my big eyes.

what are your favorite places to hide when playing? let me know in comments!! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea gets stuck in snow!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
if you have been following me on twitter you maybe found out two things: 1. they started making snow!!! (i know this, because this great new white snow is EVERYWHERE! and it is really really nice too.) and 2. i was going to go and check out if they are making the snow in this place that they made snow last year. but  i have to tell you – i did not go at once, because i wanted to watch how it is snowing very nicely. and then Angel wanted to play hide-and-seek. and then i was thinking about christmas cookies. and then i had to look up one word in the dictionary for Undu who now has a new hobby. but i can’t talk about it, it is supposed to be a secret!! so, then i forgot about it until i only remembered it again in the evening. so i wanted to go, really! and then – i got stuck!!!

u know, giraffes are know for their long necks, but it was even over my head! well, almost over my head, as u can see! also, it is a bit cold when the snow is all over your head too! i am happy that at least i managed to have this fotograf taken, so i could show you the big piles of snow that came down in just about one day! but no going to check the snowmakers this time, i’m afraid…

but i will make another try. because Angel also wanted to come and in fact, he might actually quite enjoy this. so, will go and discuss with Undu and Angel another way to get through the snow. Until then, please let me know if you have spotted any (other) places they are making snow! maybe they will not be at the same place, then it is good to know, u know! have fun and cu l8r!