.. where Ikea makes a snowman for Mother’s Day

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

apparently, the Paris mystery has to wait still. because last weekend i travelled to south-Estonia and discovered spring! u know, on saturday, it was 25*C!! this is approximately 20* more than it has been here in Kadriorg. because if you are a giraffe, like me, you’d prefer warmer climate, especially in spring or summer. so, as it is quite nice weather, i went to pick some flowers. i don’t like flowers all the time, but sometimes i like them. i don’t know why, actually.. most of them don’t taste very good either, i can tell you.

so, here it’s me roaming for some spring flowers, hehe.

and here i have gathered a whole bunch of them already. i mostly look for Sinililled because this is the favorite of my friend Sipsik. you know why? it’s quite simple, really. u know how they are called in Svensk – Blåsippssläktet. as u can see, my friend’s nickname (Sips) is also included in the flowers name! so, no mystery there at all!

after all this work i could not resist my chance to – sunbathe! i also did a little daydreaming too. quite nice with all this sun!

but not every day was like that, i’m afraid. because on sunday, it was snowing!! well, it was not snowing really, but i did discover a huge pile of snow! take a look over here:

this snow was very nice and soft, so i could dig a big hole inside. and u know, it is very much real snow!! so, i could not resist this time my chance to do the small snowman still this year, as my friend Sipsik suggested. so i did!

this snowman does remind me flickr for some reason, i have to say..  but it’s quite fun to build a snowman still on 9th of May in this neck of woods, don’t you think? this same day it also appeared to be a Mother’s Day, so it’s name is Happy Mother’s Day Snowman, hehe! so, lots of fun in south-Estonia. what about you, did you build a snowman for Mothers day or did you have 25 degrees? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

ps. my facebook page now has 100 fans, jei! thanks for coming! if you know some other giraffe fans, then u can invite them also, it’s http://www.facebook.com/ikeathegiraffepage have fun!