.. where Ikea checks out Vasaloppet!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

like i said last week, the week before i went Sweden! it was gr8 fun. in fact, i travelled to check out this big ski marathon called Vasaloppet! Unfortunately, there were no tickets available (any more) for giraffes to take part. also, i did not have any skis with me, i’m afraid. so, instead i went to see it as a spectator. spectator, u know, is someone who goes to an event just to watch and not to take part – Leenu says. so, as a specator, i first read through the Vasaloppet paper of Vasaloppet news and other things, pa Svenska:

and then, we went (with other people who were actually going to ski) to check out the start area in Sälen. Here’s a fotograf of the sign with a track. more or less:

and then, here’s the starting line.

after this, u have to run 90km with skis attached. this is quite a bit, even for a giraffe, like me. my friends, Giraffes in Africa don’t ski, but they have running marathons there, as u may know. but none of them is exactly 90km, i’m afraid. maybe only over couple of days, i think..?
so here’s one of the gates to enter the race. in group 2, thats people (or giraffes, maybe) with numbers 1000-2000:

and here, as u can see, big red tractor doing some important work on the tracks, erasing them i think.
other things: flag of Estland, jei!

and the starting corridor, the inside look:

as u can see, nobody starting just yet. because it was Friday and the race only starts on Sunday. and, as u can see, the tractor has erased all the tracks. but guess what! there will be new ones, total of 54 side by side on Sunday morning!! that’s a lot of tracks!!
the reason we are there on Friday is simple, we had to go and get some starting numbers. here’s the starting number area, just about 2 minutes before they start giving out the numbers, just behind my back – check it out:

lycka till, hehe!

on Sunday, i did not go to the start, in fact. instead, i was watching the whole thing on TV! because there were very nice live pictures. here u see a fotograf of a drawing showing how it was all done.
and later, i went to the finish to check if they are a little bit tired of the race. most of them looked really fresh, i think. see for yourself:

later on i got even better position to watch the finish. (hint-hint. the big screen, hehe)

lots of people coming. also some people in fun costumes, like for example two bears, a knight. no giraffes. but i did not stay for the whole time, because it was getting a bit cold after 10 hours or so. so, instead i went to check out the sunset, which was also nice! i took actually many more fotografs, but they look pretty much the same, with lots and lots and lots of people skiing. so if u want, i can send u. just let me know!
but i could not find out this time, if there were any giraffes. perhaps u know? if u do, please let me know in comments! tack! also, it seems to me i’ve got to go now, so make sure u have some more fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is watching Haanja maraton

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
last weekend i was traveling to south-Estonia again to watch some skiing again. this time Haanja Maraton as u can see here – this is me at the start (everybody has already started, i’m afraid):

but, i have no skis yet, so i was just watching this time. i hope they make some skis for giraffes soon, because it seems to me that there is a lot of snow here in south-Estonia every time i travel here! because the marathon is quite long u know – 40km – and very nice sunny weather, i had lots of time to sunbathe!!

hehe! but, of course, when the skiers finally came back to finish, i then went a little closer to cheer them up! u know, in Estonia they seem to shout “hei hei hei” to the skiers, which sounds exactly like “hej hej hej” in swedish. which is “hello”. so, it is quite nice when you are from sweden and coming to finish and everybody is saying “hello”! fun!

so here it’s me saying “hello” to everybody, hehe!
and look – again SHADOW! ooh, i like shadows, u know, they are great fun!

and here, finally we had great local soup from local soup-makers! it’s probably the best soup that i have had, although i’m not a soup-giraffe that much. anyways, i have to say, really successful day/weekend in Haanja u know: i got to sunbathe, i saw shadows and had a lot of fun shouting “hello” :) what kind of fun travel have u done recently? let me know in comments and c u l8r!

.. where Ikea is checking out Tartu Maraton track

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
Like i said, with a huge skiing event of Tartu Maraton with more than 6000 participants happening on Sunday this week, i went to check out this skiing track. although without skis, i’m afraid. because in africa, giraffes don’t do ski marathons, only running.

so i only walked a little from the finish area and found this huge banner saying “last kilometer”. i guess everyone who gets here from the start will also get to finish, looks like..

..unless of course there is a dog, like happened to me! luckily, Undu has taught me some basic dog speak, so after a while both the giraffe and the dog went our separate ways (as planned) :) u can see the whole trip and some other nature fotografs over here. so, if u are also going, have fun and say hello to all!