.. where Ikea bakes for easter

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

looks like it has been easter. in fact, i did not know much about easter before. i guess i have somehow missed it last years.. i was probably playing hide-and-seek with Angel. so, it was a complete surprize for me to find out, it is easter. i even had left my camera home. so no fotografs with bunnies this year, i’m afraid. and, as i found out, it is not so easy get someone to get to take fotografs around easter at all. for some reason, everyone is running around with these eggs! i’m not a big fan of eggs myselft, i have to say. Undu however likes eggs a lot. he was in fact collecting eggs in his pocket and had to ditch the cow. — ooh, i remember now i have not told you about Undu and his pocket at all?! well, i guess it will have to remain as a mystery for now then, hehe!

so, where was i then? a yes, Undu was collecting eggs. actually, because eggs are quite big, he had to wear them in his hood instead. funny. so, finally i managed to do some baking with my friend Sipsik. and then had some really hard time getting some fotografs made. but i managed to get one of each. so, heres some strawberry cake, which is actually very good:

and then, here’s some oatmeal cookies! ooh, these are my favorites for now. oatmeal is actually very good, i sometimes eat just plain oatmeal, i have to say.. but as far as cookies, these are REALLY good! what about you, what did you do around easter? did you have some fun? so, cu l8r!

Happy Birthday Sipsik!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

now, i have to tell you a big secret! there are some people living also together with me!! especially Sipsik and she has a birthday TODAY! tshhh, she is sleeping at the moment, but when she wakes up, u know. I actually met her 4 years ago in Jonköping and we have stayed togeher since then. she’s a real fan of giraffes, i must say. in fact, at our place, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of giraffes. they are.. u know, everywhere! so i have made a little postcard for her:

if u are asking how i made these thin lines with my paws? hehe – with a pen! :)

also, Sipsik has a twin sister, so happy birthday to Pille as well! apparently, also i have a birthday too, so everyone who’s been reading this blog of mine or is a fan on facebook, thank u very much for that and happy my birthday to u too! have fun and c u l8er!