.. where Ikea is watching Haanja maraton

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
last weekend i was traveling to south-Estonia again to watch some skiing again. this time Haanja Maraton as u can see here – this is me at the start (everybody has already started, i’m afraid):

but, i have no skis yet, so i was just watching this time. i hope they make some skis for giraffes soon, because it seems to me that there is a lot of snow here in south-Estonia every time i travel here! because the marathon is quite long u know – 40km – and very nice sunny weather, i had lots of time to sunbathe!!

hehe! but, of course, when the skiers finally came back to finish, i then went a little closer to cheer them up! u know, in Estonia they seem to shout “hei hei hei” to the skiers, which sounds exactly like “hej hej hej” in swedish. which is “hello”. so, it is quite nice when you are from sweden and coming to finish and everybody is saying “hello”! fun!

so here it’s me saying “hello” to everybody, hehe!
and look – again SHADOW! ooh, i like shadows, u know, they are great fun!

and here, finally we had great local soup from local soup-makers! it’s probably the best soup that i have had, although i’m not a soup-giraffe that much. anyways, i have to say, really successful day/weekend in Haanja u know: i got to sunbathe, i saw shadows and had a lot of fun shouting “hello” :) what kind of fun travel have u done recently? let me know in comments and c u l8r!

.. where Ikea and Undu find Angel in the snow and take fotografs

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

now, here comes the fotografs of me, Undu and Angel, as i promised. if you have been reading this blog, then you know that i like to play hide-and-seek with my friend Angel. but if we want to have fun, then we can’t play it too often. because you see, at home, Angel usually always hides in the bamboo basket  and i usually know he hides there. so, Angel was very exited to play with me outside, especially in the snow, which he, somehow, likes a lot. i had just got another friend, Undu, so three of us went outside on our trip near Pärnu. Angel was supposed to hide, then Undu was to go seek him and then i had to find them both. so, here we go, on this first fotograf, you can see Angel hiding somewhere in the bushes:

and here on these next ones, this is Undu going to investigate, who’s threre. see if you can find Angel on this second fotograf:

i have to tell you it was about -20*C outside, so Undu has his sheep-costume all zipped up to his teeth.

now here, it’s me contemplating a move. because it was all snow and no sheep costume for me, i had to run very quickly. in fact i ran so fast that there are no fotografs of me actually getting there, i’m afraid.

on this fotograf, i have taken Undu’s sheep-hat and he is trying to get it back, hehe!

then, after all that good fun game, we also took some other fotografs in the sun. like for example on these next two i am checking out this shadow of mine. i like the shadows, as you know, a lot. although i have to tell you, it is not easy to catch them, especially when they are behind you. i tried.

so, what was going on here. it’s a funny game actually that Undu was telling me about. There is this old Estonian saying (as you migth have guessed, Undu is born in Estonia, so he knows these things much better than me) that “Lume all on peidus võit, kraabi siit!” which in English means something like “There is a prize under the snow, scratch here” or something. so, here we are playing this game or scratch. however, no luck with prizes. maybe next time! so, thanks for stopping and cu l8er!

where Ikea goes to Lohu and discovers a shadow

now, i have to say i have been busy and didn’t have time. for example, the other day i was playing hide-and-seek with Angel. and it took me all day to find out that he was in the washing machine. he-hee, i almost didn’t recognize him coz he had been washing you know :)

anyways, maybe some day i have a chance to tell everything i have been doing. but, i went to see Loone linnus last week and i put up some photografs. i also was doing something else, but i can’t tell you right now, coz it is a secret! for a giraffe, i like secrets a lot, like Angel says.

but i also ate some raspberries and some green grass on the way. very nice green grass there, although not as tasty as acacia leaves, i have to say. but you should check it out yourself.

here’s me with a shadow. my grandpa used to say always: “if you want to see how long neck you have, you need to go and look at your shadow when the sun is really low”. i don’t know exactly what he meant, but i like shadows. i think i like shadows nearly as much as i like secrets – they both have two S-s, too.