.. where Ikea goes to Seaplane Harbour

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! had very much fun last weekend in the Seaplane Harbour It’s a Museum. It’s actually supposed to be a museum of all kinds of ships, but it also has other things. Like planes and boats. And mines and guns and half a tank!! Luckily none of them are used, but for you to look at. It is very new and I had only little time, so I plan on going there again sometimes. Therefore i only took couple of fotografs. But you can see from here, the museum itself is inside these huge egg-shaped buildings:

this is a model actually, the actual building is really really huge. even bigger and taller than ten giraffes! but it looks really cool inside:

i’m sitting on a mine, should you ask. it’s not a real one though, more like playmine – look at the colours! but there’s lots more, for example a real submarine!! So, in case you are into this kind of fun things, check it out. It’s in Tallinn and by the sea – so quite easy to find because you only need to find the sea and then follow the coastline. Even the Teddies could find it, i think. Have you been to museum like this before? or any other museum lately? Let me know! Have fun and cu l8r!