.. where Ikea finds a dinosaur in Tartu

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess where I was last weekend!? in Haanja, watching Haanja 100 running event Jala100, which is 100 kilometers of running/walking as fast as u can. this is a lot of kilometers, even in giraffe terms!! unluckily, i could not take any fotografs as the battery went a bit dead. well, nothing serious, just empty, apparently.

so, let me introduce you my new friend – a dinosaur from Tartu:

He is made out of wood, so he does not talk. but you can sit on him, hehe! he’s really nice and his name is Bota. Yes, it is a fotograf from few weeks ago when i met him in his neighborhood. but i can’t tell u exactly where it is. it’s for two reasons: 1. it is a secret! and 2. when too many people come to his area, he may soon be extinct. Extinct means that there will be no dinosaurs. and that would really be a shame!!

so, i gotta go and load the battery now, but here’s a question of the week for u: have u ever run 100km race or seen a dinosaur? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is watching the 1st Tallinn Marathon!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

almost missed todays post! but i have been extremely busy lately. like for example, this weekend it was the first real city marathon in Tallinn! jei! it’s gr8 thing, because i like running a lot, u know.  and the gr8 thing about it was that, this time, the event was going right past my home neighborhood, Kadriorg!! so i got up quite early morning and went out to cheer everybody and do a bit of running myself, hehe! also, my friend Sipsik was running. not the marathon, but there were other races too, like 10K, for example. unfortunately i don’t have too many fotografs because i was so busy cheering and nobody had time to take fotografs, i’m afraid..
but here’s one from the finish area, after the races, so it turned out well it seems to me. what about you? have u been doing any marathons lately? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

ps. it is not zero degrees, it’s actually more like 20*C, hehe

.. where Ikea is watching xdream in Orissaare

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! last weekend went by really fast! because i was in Orissaare and Muhu watching the xdream, u know. I have been to xdream before, but not for the night event. so, it was the night event this time! and, best news is that i had my own team, ikeathegiraffe.com also taking part. so, i took LOTS of fotografs (because there were lots of teams). so, i have tried to make a summary here:

this is my team, the ikeathegiraffe.com – Riivo, Märt, Sander and me, Ikea.

as it was the night event, it was at night. giraffes are not so good at seeing in the night, so luckily we had some faster teams with gps tracking. here’s me following my team and others in the canoeing stage.

unfortunately, my team liked canoeing so much that they spent pretty much all night doing so. and i fell asleep. the good thing is that i woke up just in time to see the sunrise, jei! however, i have to tell u that i did not have the time to sunbathe..

instead, we took a looooooong walk in the sea to visit some islets. here’s me on top of the tower on the islet. this tower is a lighthouse of some sort, as u can see. but as it was already morning, no light was on and it was not even a house. just tower.

the tower was very good for observing the teams that tried to sneak by and get to the check point (the tower), but i noticed them from far away, hehe!

and here, it is my team ikeathegiraffe.com, very much alive after almost 11 hours or so. happy times! after small walk around the islet (and i can secretly tell u – some geocaching, hehe) it was time to take the watery walk back and get to the finish area for some special tasks and finish.

here’s the first special task – a team shot-put with some running for those who did not do well. i prefer running myself, if u ask me.

and here’s the instructions for the second special taks – the megaladder!

here’s the blue team showing how it is done properly.

and here – it’s the ladies team who are stuck in the trees i’m afraid..!

and also, our team contemplating their moves after about 14 hours of running and other things. it’s a lot of running! i would not like to be climbing ANY ladders after that, not even the megaladder although it looks fun!
and after that – the finish. my team ikeathegiraffe.com did it very well, they used pretty much all the time that was available. it seems to me that they were the last team that did not have any penalties to complete the whole race, jei! u can track the first 11 hours of the race on this page here (select ikeathegiraffe.com and then click view route at the bottom. they did not drown, it’s just that the battery died :).

so that’s it in a nutshell! lots of fun don’t you think? but this is not all. as i told u, i took lots of fotografs. so i have uploaded them to my picasa. in fact there are two folders. folder number one has the best shots that i got, about 30 with some comments,hehe! and then, there is another folder for all the teams that are looking for themselves :D there’s more than 400 fotografs inside!! take a look and have fun! feel feel to share the links with friends and let me know which fotografs u like the best! cu l8r!