.. where Ikea finds a fun path in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i found a strange path in my home park, Kadriorg!! Check it out:

In fact, i was just doing my regular walking-around-in-the-park, when i noticed it! very interesting..! luckily there was just a sign explaining pretty much everything. u can read (click to make bigger):

apparently, it is some kind of art project. and it is there no longer, i’m afraid because i heard it was there only for a few days. however, i was there and i have proof (fotografs, as u can see). but also, i recorded a video. because, u know – and this is very mysterious, if u ask me, a giraffe – IT LEADS NOWHERE!! see for yourself:

it is very very strange, don’t you think? but certainly lots of fun! i hope they make more of those kinds of paths in Kadriorg, just for fun. have u seen anything like this in your neighborhoods? well, let me know!! and here’s a little “find-a-giraffe” fotograf for u as a bonus! have fun and cu l8r!