.. where Ikea goes to Montmartre

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

as i promised, here’s my first day in Paris. well, it’s not like the whole day, but more like a morning when i climbed up the hill to see a big white church. i’m not a big fan of churches myself, but i have a little fotograf at home taken from the same place with a giraffe on it. so, i wanted to see where this giraffe is. but  then of course, i took some other pictures too.

for example, here you can see me and the church. and people. first i tried to see if i could scare everybody away. but it seems to me that giraffes are not so scary, i’m afraid. so, i guess you can see me, people and some of the church then. but if you have really good eyes, you can see even more things, hehe!

then, after many hours of tourist fotografs and little geocaching (yep!) i carefully investigated the surrondings. as you can see, there is a really mysterious bird on this fotograf. so i tried to talk this bird into searchig for giraffes with me, but no luck there.

another good thing about this place Montmartre is that is up on a hill. so, you can use these funny instruments to observe a lot of Paris. and as much as i know, you should be able to spot any running giraffe with these because 1. giraffes are tall 2. with these binoculars u can see very far. for example, i saw the Montparnasse tower by where the Pari-Roller friday night skate starts. oh, did i not tell you about it last time? wohoo, u can see me attending the FNS on this little video here. well, i did not actually skate myself, i was just riding along, so to speak :)

unfortunately, i did not spot any giraffes. so instead, i bought a little train! i like trains a lot, as u know. of course, Angel has now totally owned it and has made it in parts so that he could spell ANGEL instead of IKEA. i can secretly tell you that it won’t work!

so, that’s pretty much all a giraffe, like me, can do for one morning. we’ll exept this other thing i did (we’ll of course besides eating baguette and cherry leaves – they smelled so nice). you can see it from this fotograf below. this will be a mystery for you – how did i do this trick? let me know! have fun and cu l8er!

.. where Ikea bakes for easter

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

looks like it has been easter. in fact, i did not know much about easter before. i guess i have somehow missed it last years.. i was probably playing hide-and-seek with Angel. so, it was a complete surprize for me to find out, it is easter. i even had left my camera home. so no fotografs with bunnies this year, i’m afraid. and, as i found out, it is not so easy get someone to get to take fotografs around easter at all. for some reason, everyone is running around with these eggs! i’m not a big fan of eggs myselft, i have to say. Undu however likes eggs a lot. he was in fact collecting eggs in his pocket and had to ditch the cow. — ooh, i remember now i have not told you about Undu and his pocket at all?! well, i guess it will have to remain as a mystery for now then, hehe!

so, where was i then? a yes, Undu was collecting eggs. actually, because eggs are quite big, he had to wear them in his hood instead. funny. so, finally i managed to do some baking with my friend Sipsik. and then had some really hard time getting some fotografs made. but i managed to get one of each. so, heres some strawberry cake, which is actually very good:

and then, here’s some oatmeal cookies! ooh, these are my favorites for now. oatmeal is actually very good, i sometimes eat just plain oatmeal, i have to say.. but as far as cookies, these are REALLY good! what about you, what did you do around easter? did you have some fun? so, cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is playing yatzy with Saab och Volvo

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have had few questions about friends who are living together with me. so, i did a little research and here are the results: first, i guess you have already heard about Angel, the ice-bear. he usually sits on telly or hides in the bamboo basket, if u ask me. then, just recently a new friend, Undu moved in also. he’s very funny with his sheep coat. since about a year ago, we also have a girl in our house, named Leenu. apparently she’s not been on this blog yet. hmm… that’s probably because she’s really quiet! then i have also another friend called Vassu – he’s a calf. in fact, i may need to blog about him some other time in more detail, he’s actually quite funny. and then of course, there are Saab and Volvo. they are Teddy-bears. they are actually from Jonköping, Sweden, like me, so i guess they were actually the first roommates.

so, with a lot of fun outside in the snow recently, yesterday me and Saab and Volvo decided to do something fun in the house – to play yatzy. i think Saab and Volvo are playing yatzy and other games quite often with Leenu, but i have been really busy recently with my fotografs.

so, here we are, throwing dice. and if u are asking who won, then we don’t know for sure..! because in the middle of the game, when it was my turn and i was counting dice, Saab quickly ate the paper where we had been marking the scores! he wasn’t doing so well i’m afraid, that’s why. so, i think Volvo actually won because every time he had all sixes, as u can see here:

that’s really quite mysterious, i have to say. have u had anything like this while playing yatzy? let me know in comments and cu l8r!