.. where Ikea gets stuck on ice, discovers an underwater giraffe and meets swans

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have to tell you what happened to me last week when i went geocaching a little bit. somehow there is also the sea nearby and because of all this cold weather previously, there is lots of ice. so i went to see, if the ice is strong enough for a giraffe. it was! but then something happened so that there was all this water between me and the land and i got stuck!!

don’t know if u have seen a giraffe stuck on an ice-bank before (Angel says he’s been stuck couple of times), but there i was. mostly very lovely ice i should say except this one side which was REALLY scary..

i have to say, being stuck was not so boring at all. first i was doing a little sunbathing, as u might guess. and then, i discovered another giraffe in the water, looking exactly like me!

so, i tried to find out where he was from. somehow i could not hear a word what he was saying. it seems to me that it’s because of all this water u know. because fish, they are same – you just can’t hear a thing what they are saying to you..

so even though i could not hear him, he could hear me, so we agree to play this little game called “mirror”. that’s when this other giraffe that u are playing with has to do exactly the same faces like you! hehe, that was very much fun. i almost fell in the water!

so, after that i watched a ship go by – but not very close. quite far in fact, so no harm for the ice bank that i was sitting on. luckily then i spotted this swan nearby:

have u read Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige, a book where Nils Holgersson travels across Sweden with a swan? i have, it’s a compulsory book for everyone in sweden – even giraffes, like me. so, me and this swan make a deal where she takes me to the shore.

the swans, they were not from Sweden, but from Germany. but this one swan Marie (on the right, that’s the one flying on that other fotograf), she knew a few words in English. that other one, that’s Maximilian. so we talk a little about politics – no i’m just joking :) we actually talk a little about snow and ice. because they tell me that they arrived early this year and somehow there’s not much to do here, because of the snow. especially there’s not enough of free water, so that they can’t swim.. anyways, i thank them because they had to go somewhere with the other swans. then i saw there were almost hundreds of them or so. A LOT, for a giraffe. what about u, have u seen swan’s lately? what were their names? have fun and c u l8r!